Baldness May Be Caused By Gravity, Claims Plastic Surgeon

Baldness May Be Caused By Gravity, Claims Plastic Surgeon

You can try all the lotions and potions under the sun to hold on to your luscious locks, but as long as there is gravity - there is no escape to encroaching baldness.

According to plastic surgeon Dr Emin Tuncay Ustuner, gravity may be causing hair loss - by pulling the scalp down.

Save relocating to the moon - which is expensive and not yet possible - it seems there may be no hope.

Young people have thick enough fat tissue under the skin in their scalp and their dermis is better hydrated than older people. These buffer the pressure on the hair follicles. Dr Ustuner says when the male reach puberty the fat tissue starts to decrease under the effects of testosterone initiating hair loss in some of them at a very early age.

Women are much less likely to get bald because reduction in subcutaneous fat tissue induced by testosterone surge at puberty does not take place in women. In addition, cushioning tissues around the hair follicles are protected by estrogen in women.

He asserts that his theory is supported by all findings associated with male pattern baldness: the weight of facial soft tissues add to the pressure in the front of the scalp leading to hair loss and the ears resist gravity which explains the lesser impact of baldness on the sides of the head.

Addressing the skepticism surrounding his theory Dr Ustuner says: "simplifying a very complicated problem is probably the only disadvantage of the theory."

The research is published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.