'Loch Ness Monster' Spotted Off Northern Queensland (VIDEO)


The Loch Ness monster has gone on holiday – and here are the pictures to prove it.

Our beloved Nessie has been spotted showing off her curves and snatching some winter sun just off the coast of north Queensland, Australia.

Working on her beach body: Nessie breaks the surface off the coast of Queensland, Australia

Marriage celebrant David ‘Crusty’ Herron told Australia’s Sunrise TV breakfast show of how he stumbled upon the beast’s beach getaway as he strolled along the shore of Magnetic Island.

“I was walking along and someone shouted out ‘for Gods sake it’s the Loch Ness monster’, I looked over and there was this beastie thing sort of just moving around 200m out.”

Denying he had been drinking at the time, Herron added: “It was moving very, very slowly. The head was about a meter-and-a-half out of the water, it was bobbing up and down…it was definitely the beast. I would estimate it’s about four metres long.

'I had not been drinking': Eyewitness David 'Crusty' Herron

“It definitely, could possibly be a plesiosaurus or something like that.”

With temperatures in Loch Ness currently at a chilly 7°C, it’s no wonder the serpentine Scot is holidaying abroad.

Experts - likely to have had their palms greased by the notoriously private beast's PR team - have been quick to pour cold water on the sighting.

“It’s probably a piece of a tree or a piece of a boat which has somehow broken away,” James Cook University biology professor Glen Chilton told AAP.

It also believed Nessie's team is behind reports of a recently sunk dragon boat in the region – no doubt a further smokescreen planted to allow her to complete her holiday in peace.

Don't forget to send us a postcard, Nessie.