'Neurocam' Wearable Computer Reads Your Brainwaves (VIDEO)

When we tried it at a recent demo, Google's 'Glass' headset felt so intuitive it almost knew what we were thinking.

This device actually does.

The 'Neurocam' was developed by researchers at Keio University in Japan, and uses brainwaves to tell when you want to take a picture with an iPhone attached to the side of your head.

The sensor built into the device can tell when you're interested in what's in front of you, and takes a picture when it reaches a certain threshold. The idea is that you end up with a record of the most interesting things you've seen that day. Neat.

"Because this system is hands-free, we think it could capture a life log, which would be different from deliberately pressing a shutter to capture things you like," said ScienceJam's Kana Nakano.