Women With Big Bums Healthier Than Those With Smaller Derrières, And Their Kids Are Smarter

When Sir Mix-A-Lot burst onto the music scene declaring "I like big butts and I cannot lie" - he may not have been simply commending a curvy aesthetic, but nodding to greater intelligence and health.

According to a study - that the bootylicious will welcome with open arms - women with bigger bottoms are healthier than those with a lesser gluteus maximus.

Results from 16,000 women show that gals who carry their weight around their hips à la Kim Kardashian may be more resistant to chronic illnesses.

If this study is anything to go by North West is going to be a genius...

Women with this body type tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and more likely to produce hormones to metabolise sugar.

As a result they are less likely to develop high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

But it's not just women's health that benefits from having a big bottom - their children are also believed to be smarter. This is a result of increased levels of Omega 3 fat levels, which have been proven to aid brain development.

The study was published in International Journal of Obesity University of Oxford in 2010, but is being picked up again on various online news sites.

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