Richard Dawkins' Honey Confiscated, Atheist Says Bin Laden Has Won In Bizarre Twitter Rant

Dawkins loses honey
Dawkins loses honey

Richard Dawkins has declared victory for Osama Bin Laden - because his honey fell foul of airport security rules.

The atheist vented his fury on Twitter after the "little jar of honey" went to waste, presumably because of restrictions on liquids that can be taken on as hand luggage.

Keeping things well in perspective, he tweeted that "Bin Laden has won, in airports of the world every day".

And Dawkins knew who was to blame - 'dundridges'.

For some reason, Twitter didn't show much sympathy for his loss.

Dawkins didn't see the funny side:

There followed a stream of retweets bemoaning other casualties of airport security checks.

For future reference, Richard, either keep your honey in a container smaller than 100ml and put it in a clear plastic bag, or leave it in your luggage.

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