Futuristic 'City On Tracks' Proposed By Spanish Architect Manuel Dominguez

PICS: This Futuristic 'City On Tracks' Could Actually Be Possible
Poliedro/Manuel Dominguez

Sci-fi visionaries have often wondered what would happen to the modern city in the future: specifically, a future where resources are ever more scarce, and staying in one place no longer makes much sense.

Their solution is often the same: put it on wheels.

Now one designer has proposed a realistic way to make such a thing into a reality.

The 'Very Large Structure' by ESTA Madrid's Manuel Dominguez is a city designed to lead its citizens on a nomadic journey across the world, moving on a huge number of house-sized tracks.

'Very Large Structure'

'City On Tracks'

If built, the city would be about as tall as the 'Gherkin' building in London, and contain a full range of offices, homes, shops and industrial buildings, as well as structures for producing power and freshwater.

Dominguez told Archdaily that his design was "self-consciously utopical" but pointed out that building it is more realistic than it's ever been. The scale of the structure isn't dissimilar to that of our current largest structures, and its designed to have less on an impact on its local environment than a city without the ability to move south for winter.

Over at Gizmodo you can find some amazingly detailed plans for the city, which might just have you believing it's possible.

Unfortunately the addition of a Death Star into Dominguez's concept image gallery tempers that enthusiasm a little.

Take a look at more pictures via Poliedroe Studio above and see below for more amazing engineering wonders.

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