A final decision on the MSG Sphere – and its 36 million LEDs – is yet to be made.
From Somerset House to the Palace of Versailles, this master baker's made them all.
Costing £335,000, it was described by judges as having "outstanding quality" on a tight budget.
Sustainability is a major focus at London Design Festival 2019, with many creators making thought-provoking installations placed at the event’s lead venue, the Victoria and Albert Museum. They include a giant cube with images of plastics surrounding sea creatures and a narrow room that is designed to make visitors feel trapped and confused.
The town of Hillsborough is filing a lawsuit against Florence Fang, the philanthropist who owns the multi-million dollar so-called "Flintstones" house. The structure was built in 1976 and when Fang purchased it in 2017, she started adorning the grounds with large statues of animals, including dinosaurs. Town officials say she never received planning permission for the sculptures and ignored several orders to halt their installation.
90% of this 70-storey skyscraper will be made out of wood.
Innovation and technology will continue to transform life in Europe’s big cities.
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He and his wife were on the final leg of their trip.