Google Street View HMS Ocelot: Heads Inside Decommissioned Royal Navy Submarine

Street View Heads Inside Decommissioned British Submarine

Google Street View does a pretty good line in slightly ridiculous places to put its 360-degree cameras. It's even managed to go underwater in its time. But never quite like this.

The latest frontier crossed by the ubiquitous service is inside the compact core of HMS Ocelot, a retired British submarine.

The decommissioned sub was built in 1962, but after 30 years in service with the Royal Navy is currently located near Gillingham on the River Medway.

In its current guise as a tourist attraction, the aim of the sub is to educate the public about the role and reality of life on a submarine. To that end it worked with Google and C Inside Media to build a series of illustrative 360-degree images of its cabins.

C Inside had to stick to Google's rigorous rules when it came to photographing the sub, including keeping no more than 15 feet between nodes and only allowing the public to move within line of sight.

Neil Cooper of C Inside told the Register that the submarine was a "strange example" of his work, but added there were a number of interesting sights to be had by intrepid explorers.

"We also saw a photograph of a sailor's girlfriend still pinned to the wall," Cooper said. "She had her clothes on and the image just showed her face. There was also two red flashing indicator lamps, which had a sign above them with the words 'wrong direction'."

Take a look at the sub above, and see below for some of our other favourite Street View images.


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