'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Review Round-Up: Warfare As Usual?

What's The Verdict On 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'?

The new Call of Duty video game is out - and so are the reviews. And the big news is that... neither the game or the reaction appear to be that surprising.

While the core of Activision's long-running FPS is apparently as solid and enjoyable as ever, it looks like the general opinion is that it's time for something new - especially on the next-gen consoles, where the game comes across as essentially a better looking version of what you've played 10 times before (even with the aliens).

That said we haven't had an extensive go on the new title yet - so we'll hold our judgement until then.

But in the meantime, here's the pick of the reviews so far:

CVG: (7/10) "Big Dumb Fun"

"There is an overwhelming sense of familiarity one gets from playing Call Of Duty: Ghosts and that's probably because an iteration of this series drops every year without truly reinventing the wheel. Its formula is a world-record-breaking recipe for success. It's fun, sure, but it's not ground-breaking. But then, for the purposes of its audience, does it need to be?"

IGN (8.8/10) "Old Dog, New Tricks"

"It wouldn't be a Call of Duty game without elaborate setpieces, fierce shootouts, and tense stealth missions, and Ghosts delivers some of the most memorable experiences in the series. I felt genuine dread as the ground and buildings collapsed around me during orbital weapons strikes, the zero-gravity spectacle of the Federation's space station ambush is awe-inspiring, and bursting through a highrise window as the entire building crumbles during the Federation Day mission is exhilarating."

Gamespot: (8/10) "Let slip the dogs of war."

"From an exuberant campaign full of spectacle and variety to the way Extinction's unpredictable aliens force you to use those targeting skills in entirely new ways, Ghosts strikes an excellent balance between the familiar and the novel. This is a game that's keenly aware of the series' strengths, but doesn't find itself beholden to them. No matter what standard you apply, Call of Duty: Ghosts is a terrific first-person shooter."

Eurogamer: (7/10) "Ambivalence justified".

"Ghosts, in and of itself, is a fine game. It ticks all the boxes and then blows the boxes up in glorious 1080p resolution (on PS4 at least). Those who only ever play COD will be more than happy with it, but those who have grown weary of the series will see more of their ambivalence justified this time around."

Polygon: (6.5/10) "For The Dead"

"Call of Duty: Ghosts is mired in a distinct lack of ambition. Outside of the stellar Extinction mode, Ghosts follows more often than it leads, bringing with it familiar missions, modes and experiences. Ghosts feels like an accountant's sequel, with just enough content to justify a new installment. It just never goes beyond that."

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