REVIEW: 'Made In Chelsea' Episode 4 - The 11 Best Things About This Week's Episode With Spencer, Jamie And Co

Seeing as the episodes of 'Made In Chelsea' have now become so interchangeable, with Jamie swapping between Lucy Watson and Phoebe no-second-name required, it seemed easier, rather than trying to analyse any of the actual goings-on, to sit back and celebrate the 11 best things that happened in last night's episode. Namely...

  • Francis surprising everyone on the boys-own camping trip in his hunting one-sie. Somehow, in this bunch of extra-terrestrials, he still manages to be the biggest eccentric.
  • Andy serenading his camp-mates with the guitar at fireside.

The bromance is officially over

  • Lucy Watson walking her dog like a normal person, and then mentioning she bought him from Harrods the day before, when he used to be called Kevin - unacceptable, naturally, so he's now Digby.
  • Louise Thompson's contrition for ditching her friends at the spa in favour of a night with the boys at the campsite. Because she felt bad? Er no. "Because it looked desperate" in front of Andy.
  • In a new character arc, Lucy Watson crying, and the sight of Cheska comforting her - has it come to this?
  • Lucy Watson model 2.0

  • Proudlock assessing his pal Andy's abilities with the guitar - "to be fair to him... he's not that bad," presumably BEFORE his eyes landed on the music-man's back-to-front baseball cap.
  • Spencer on a relationship rewind reel - "I'm just feeling a bit claustrophobic." Change the record!
  • Jamie working out "I don't have you, I don't have her. " Quite literally scratching his head at the mismanagement of his attractive-looking love triangle.
  • Andy being asked, "Have you heard from Louise?" "Yes, but nothing worth talking about," he replied. Well, that's never stopped anyone before, Mr Jordan.
  • Being comforted by Cheska - a new low?

  • And then... when his night could get no worse... time for the old dragon to enter the scene, with the arrival of Spencer. Mano-a-mano advice? Brotherly reunion? Not quite. Just a drink in the face for... behaving like Spencer.
  • Finally, the BEST FOR LAST... Mark Francis berating his butler for having the grape scissors and stainless steel cutlery at the front of the drawer, and reflecting on the camping sojourn, "I once knew someone who had a sleeping bag. And once I found out, that friendship was over. The sleeping bag had a bag. What a thought."