Susanna Reid Reveals 'Strictly Come Dancing' Weight Loss

Strictly Come Dancing's Susanna Reid has revealed the show has helped her to lose over half a stone.

The 'BBC Breakfast' host - who has been wowing the 'Strictly' judges with her routines - has shed 7 lbs in six weeks thanks to her gruelling rehearsal schedule.

Susanna Reid

"I have run marathons and half-­marathons regularly, but I have never been in such good physical shape," she told the Radio Times.

"I’ve lost more than half a stone, and parts of me that were fleshy seem to be disappearing – other parts remain fleshy, and it’s a shame I don’t have a choice which bits go and which stay,” she added.

However, not every celebrity dancer on the show has had the same results - Abbey Clancy recently revealed she's put ON weight.

Abbey Clancy

"I’ve actually gone heavier, I think it’s muscle," she said on ITV show 'Lorraine'.

"We eat so much, you have to because you need the energy and you’re so tired if you don’t."

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