DIY Biohacker Implants Phone-Sized Sensor In His Arm, For Some Reason (VIDEO)

We've heard of people implanting magnets into their fingers, but next to this they seem almost sensible.

A self-proclaimed 'biohacker' named Tim Cannon has won a strange kind of fame online after implanting himself with a sensor the size of a smartphone.

Cannon inserted the computer chip into his arm in an effort to record and transmit his biometrical data to an external device.

Vice reports that the sensor - a Circadia 1.0 - is an open-source way to monitor different bodily functions. But because surgeons refused to implant it, Cannon had to turn to the fringe body-mod community for help placing it in his body.

Take a look at how the operation went, below, and head over to Motherboard for the full story.

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