PICTURE: Russell Brand Stands Next To Graffiti In His Image, In Picture Tweeted By Jemima Khan

As any self-respecting revolutionary will know, one of the requisites of such a status is that a wall be taken in your name.

So Russell Brand will have been relieved to have come across this particular bit of artwork when he was out wandering the streets of London this week.

Russell Brand stands in front of a wall, with graffiti dedicated to his current push for revolution

Eagle-eyed Rusty watchers will notice in the frame the same pooch who accompanied Brand to his Conversation with HuffPostUK on Monday evening in east London.

Monday evening, Brand was in charge of walkies for Brian

This is the same furry friend who happens to belong to his on-off squeeze Jemima Khan, who was obviously happy enough to photograph Brian (the dog) with her other furry friend - one of them hiding under an umbrella.

Khan, who recently asked Brand to guest-edit an issue of the New Statesman, added this to her tweet:

This would seem to solve the mystery of just to whom Brand was referring on Monday evening, when he told a packed crowd, ''I'm in a relationship at the moment."

Of course, this being Russell Brand, it could all be a cunning ruse... two short months ago, this pair were spotted arm in arm in New York, but with Brand only a couple of short weeks later telling his stand-up audience, "I'm single."

We'll try to keep up and keep you posted.