07/11/2013 09:47 GMT

Huntsman Spider: Top 10 Facts (PICTURES)


1. They're fast. Really, really fast.

2. They can be huge, with some attaining a legspan of about 10–12 inches.

huntsman spider

3. Commonly they are confused with baboon spiders, which are equally terrifying.

baboon spiders

4. Huntsman spiders can generally be identified by their legs, which are twisted in a crab-like fashion.

huntsman spider

5. They come in lots of different colours and distinctive patterns on their underside.

huntsman spider

huntsman spider

huntsman spider

6. Huntsman spiders are widely considered beneficial because they feed on insect pests such as cockroaches.

7. Much like a face grabber out of Alien, their powerful legs mean they can jump…

8. They will generally make a threat display if provoked

9. They also tend to exhibit a "cling" reflex if picked up, making them difficult to shake off and much more likely to bite

10 They don't like cats.