X Factor's Kingsland Road Hit Out At Abi Alton: 'She's Not Sweet And Not Innocent'

It didn't take Kingsland Road long to start slating some of their fellow contestants after being voted off 'The X Factor' last weekend - the lads have launched a surprising attack on Abi Alton.

The east London five piece - who failed to beat Tamera Foster in Sunday's sing-off - blasted the 19-year-old singer-songwriter, claiming she is 'not sweet' and 'not innocent', adding that she is too sensitive.

Kingsland Road

Josh Zare told OK magazine: "She's not the most agreeable person in the world. She's just got expectations and not everyone lives up to them.

"She's quite sensitive and we're very bantery lads, we like to play pranks and push the boundaries."

Jay Scott added: "She's not sweet and she's not innocent - she's very opinionated."

Abi Alton

It isn't the first time Abi is alleged to have fallen out with her fellow contestants.

Tamera Foster was forced to deny she and Hannah Barrett had a rift with her, after Abi moved out of the room they all shared in the 'X Factor' house.

"It's because Abi likes to go to sleep quite early and me and Hannah are more like late-night sleepers and quite chatty," she told Heat magazine.

"I think she was struggling with lack of sleep and Shelley's room became free."

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