Milky 1950s Pin-Up Girls By Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz (PICTURES)

They’re wholesome and they’ll help you grow up big and strong.

Meet the pin-up girls wearing nothing but heels, hair-pins and a couple of gallons of milk.

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Bicycle + milk + heels = A surprisingly good combo

The photographs were taken using high shutter speeds and saw models actually being soaked in the white stuff, as these splendid behind-the-scenes images show.

Jaroslav told HuffPost UK: "Projects like this are time consuming and very exhausting for everyone involved.

"But the amount of fun, positive energy and satisfaction makes it well worth for the effort. I love it and that is why I do photography!"

Apologies to those who are lactose intolerant…

And this is how it's done: Behind those milky scenes

Milky Milky

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