'X Factor': Tamera Foster Accused Of Being 'A Backstage Diva'

She's got the big voice, and now Tamera Foster has been accused of having an attitude to match, according to 'X Factor' insiders.

The 16-year-old singing hopeful is reportedly a 'nightmare' to work with over the top diva demands who causes conflict behind-the-scenes.

Tamera Foster

"She’s over the top demanding and causes conflict behind the scenes wherever she goes: With stylists, producers and other contestants.

"I’ve worked with people like Tamera on the show before, so I know that if she’s like this at an early stage then she’s going to be a nightmare later on."

But Tamera - who has been at the centre of press reports about her bullying, shoplifting past - has hit back at the negative headlines.

“Yeah, I have made mistakes in the past, but who hasn’t? It was a long time ago and I’ve really moved on from it.”

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