'Distressed Dog' Turns Out To Be A Cuddly Toy Abandoned On Glasgow Road

'Distressed Dog' Turns Out To Be A Cuddly Toy

An animal rescue charity worker called out to help a "distressed dog" lying at the side of a road had "a giggle" when she found a totally non distressed, but rather sad looking, cuddly toy.

When a member of the public called the Scottish SPCA to rescue an injured animal in Glasgow, animal rescue officers rushed to the scene.

We were contacted on Friday morning (1 November) when a member of the public reported that a black and white collie had been hit by a car on Hillington Road.

When Animal Rescue Officer Kerry Friel arrived she was relieved to find a large stuffed toy dog at the roadside instead.

In a statement online, Kerry said: "The toy was large and quite lifelike so I can understand why the person thought this was an animal in need of our help.

"This was the day after Halloween so it's possible the dog was part of a costume.

"We do occasionally receive call-outs of this nature from people with genuine concerns for animals, only to find a toy or ornament.

She revealed that in September the animal rescue group were contacted to rescue a distressed owl which actually turned out to be a garden feature.

"I did have a bit of a giggle when I realised the dog wasn't real as I'm used to dealing with injured animals on a daily basis and it can be very upsetting."


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