Anonymous Threatens Cyber War With Itself

Anonymous appears to be threatening war - with itself.

According to a report by Vice, an Australian wing of the secretive hacking collective is frustrated by what it says are attempts by Indonesian hackers to target Aussie citizens.

The Indonesian Anonymous hackers have reportedly been targeting Australian businesses after it emerged that the country's spies worked with the US to spy on Indonesia at a climate change conference in 2007.

But instead of targeting government agencies, the hackers have apparently infuriated the comrades in Australia by attacking normal citizens including a bouncy castle company and a dry cleaner.

Now Anonymous Australia appears to have had enough. In a recent video they said:

"Innocent businesses should not be attacked. We all bound together in an effort to bring down our tyrant governments to shape our world as a better place" adding, in a later clip labelled a "final warning":

"You have not stopped your attacks against the Australian public where we have tried to plea with you… What is there to prove? We do not want a cyber war, do you?"

Luckily for the global Anonymous movement, it appears as though the message has been heard - fresh attacks launched on Australia appear to be targeted at government agencies - though as of Monday afternoon (UK time) it appeared as those affected were working normally.