It only took the hacker five tries to guess the correct password, and he was kind enough to tell Donald Trump's team to activate two-factor authentication afterward.
According to Reuters, leaked UK-US trade talk documents were stolen from the former trade secretary by suspected Russian hackers.
The US midterm elections are due in November.
The hack could reveal the identity of users who wish to remain anonymous.
The music video, originally uploaded by Vevo, had been watched more than 5-billion times. 
Videos from Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Drake have also been hacked.
Easily available, automated hacking tools are allowing amateurs to carry out sophisticated cyber-attacks and swelling the armies of hacktivists and cyber criminals. However, the resources needed to defend and mend cyber security vulnerabilities, aren't keeping up.
The question for us all is how do we ensure that everyone in Barking and Dagenham - no matter what background or faith you come from - has a stake and a say in our community. It's that question that has led to Barking and Dagenham teaming up this weekend with local technology company DigiLab to host the UK's first ever social-cohesion hackathon. By bringing together tech experts and service designers with local people of all ages and backgrounds, we will respond to and tackle the issues and concerns of residents.