Apple Spaceship Campus: 25 Pictures Reveal Tunnels, Pavilions And Forests At New HQ


We already knew that Apple was planning to build a new 2.8-million-square-foot 'campus' HQ in Cupertino, California. We also knew that it would include spaces for an apple orchard, fields, trails and some ridiculously massive underground car parks and pavilions.

But we didn't realise it would look quite this astonishing.

A new cache of pictures of Apple's new 'spaceship' (as it's been dubbed) published by Wired show new details of the office, which will be among the finest in the world if and when it's completed.

The HQ will cover more than 176-acres, and will be shaped essentially like a giant ring donut. In the centre will be space for dozens of apple trees, while around the edge will be open land and fields, as well as a new purpose-built theatre for product announcements.

The building is designed by Foster and Partners, and is currently aiming at a completion date of 2016.

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