Crocodile Attacks Golfer Dougie Thomson In Mexico, Friends Frantically Attack It With Golf Clubs

'It Would Have Had Me For Supper'
A golfer was attacked by a crocodile
A golfer was attacked by a crocodile

UPDATE: The Iberostar hotel has issued a statement saying it "deeply regrets" the incident and saying warning signs are posted around the course. The full statement is at the bottom of this article.

A golfer has told of his ordeal after being attacked by a crocodile when he stepped into a bunker in Mexico.

The 12-ft beast sprung from the undergrowth and clamped itself onto Dougie Thomson's leg, he told The Mirror.

His friends beat it with golf clubs and even drove over it with a golf buggy to prize it off him and pull him to safety.

Despite their best efforts, the 58-year-old, from Wishaw, near Glasgow, needed 200 stitches after it ripped through the muscle in his thigh and hip.

"I couldn't feel pain, I was in total shock. It was like a big toy, big black eyes looking at me," he told the paper.

"Hitting it was like hitting a brick wall.

"The crocodile tore away all the muscle in my thigh. My leg is like a butcher's shop window. Initially only two of us were going golfing. If that had happened, there is no way one friend could have helped.

"It would have pulled me back into the lagoon and had me for supper."

The group were on holiday in Cancun for a friend's wedding but the father-of-two is preparing to be flown home to Canada, where he lives with his family, for further treatment.

In a statement, the hotel said: "IBEROSTAR deeply regrets this incident and wishes a speedy recovery to Mr. Thomson.

"The safety and security of our clients, guests and employees has always been, and will continue to be, of paramount importance to IBEROSTAR.

"The IBEROSTAR Cancun Golf Course is fully equipped with highly visible warning signs - in both English and Spanish - and appropriate fencing and markings.

"The club also provides information and warns about the unique characteristics of this particular course; detailing the precautions that should be taken to ensure a safe round of golf.”


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