Peaches Geldof Hits Out At Katie Hopkins Ahead Of 'This Morning' Debate

Peaches Geldof has hit out at Katie Hopkins ahead of their appearance on 'This Morning' later today.

In the lead up to their debate about attachment parenting on the ITV daytime show, Katie has been criticising Peaches parenting skills on Twitter, over pictures published last year of the socialite's son falling out of his pram, prompting a raging response from Peaches.

She claimed the former 'Apprentice' star had 'a shrivelled old pair of balls under that 1980s sloaney tweed skirt of hers', as she ranted on Twitter.

Peaches Geldof and Katie Hopkins

"I don't even want to reply to Katie Hopkins' desperate, incessant tweeting because it feeds her insatiable lust for recognition. However, her posting low blows like a picture of my son falling from his pram when I tripped over a crack in a pavement has warranted at least a few responses from me," she said.

"This is the woman who wrote of a disabled sporting hero that she hoped that she would roll over nails on her way to a TV appearance. This is the woman who hates women, ethnic minorities, anyone with less money, anyone who dares point out the glaringly obvious.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she had a shrivelled old pair of balls under that 1980s sloaney tweed skirt of hers. All the better to castrate her with."

Katie had criticised Peaches over this picture taken last year

Peaches continued: "What we need to ask ourselves is why we even allow her to have a platform. It says a lot about the state of current media that she is allowed to spew her repugnant hate all over daytime TV shows.

"I'm all for free speech, but when a woman who insults the disabled is the current fave in a long line of ever changing "love to hate" tabloid darlings we must ask ourselves, 'What is next?' Hitler being exhumed from his grave, reanimated and allowed as a contestant on 'The Apprentice' or a commentator on ITV?

"If she even tries to insult her own children on live television again,or anyone else for that matter, I may or may not have to lamp her one," she added.

We have a feeling 'This Morning' could make for pretty explosive viewing later today...

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