Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews Thinks He Has STI, After Brilliant Student Prank (VIDEO)

Made In Chelsea Star Thinks He Has An STI

There's not much that needs saying about this utterly brilliant prank by a Sussex University student and his friend on Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews.

The toff falls hook line and sinker for the hoax, which sees a "Dr David Imran" inform him he has a "severe subtropical" disease.

Matthews examines his scrotum whilst on the phone, and confirms he has no "offensive, sardine-tinged odours". Eurgh.

When asked if he's seen "a decrease in the penal size", gullible Matthews says "not that I've noticed", and then asks incredulously "does that actually happen? Is that a symptom?".

One of the student pranksters told Badger Online: "Convincing was tough, for the sake of the video we cut out the 4 minute prelude of throwing some fancy words about. Then we got to the good stuff and he was convinced. He was a great sport though!”


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