Oculus Rift Sex Simulator Is Depressing, Inevitable, And NSFW

NSFW: Oculus Rift Sex Machine Is Depressing, Inevitable, Potentially Very Profitable

In a development as depressing and potentially profitable as it is inevitable, someone has invented a sex simulator for the next-gen virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

The machine connects a multi-directional robotic arm to a, well, "socket", and synchronises its movements with various computer-generated sexual scenes.

The result is that the (ahem) player feels as though they're really involved in whatever sordid or loving and consensual scene is being played out through the headset.

The device was the work of a team at VR Japan's latest game jam, and is not currently intended for commercial use, as far as we know.

But if the history of the internet is anything to go by, it should be pretty easy to commercialise if anyone wants to make a quick bazillion dollars.

The video below is unsafe for work - there's no nudity - but discretion is advised.


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