One parent reportedly called the masterpiece "pornographic."
A majority of kids have seen some porn by the age of 13 and it's our responsibility to acknowledge that.
He also offered some advice on how to break the habit "so you will not have temptation in hand."
If adult women are being forced into it, imagine the pressure young girls may be facing.
Neil Parish said he initially stumbled upon adult material after searching for tractors online.
Michael Fabricant gave his support to Neil Parish 48 hours after he announced he was quitting parliament over the scandal.
Neil Parish had initially vowed to stay on while an investigation was carried out into the allegations.
OnlyFans said it would be banning pornographic content. Then it changed its mind. Creators have been left with serious whiplash.
The subscription site said it would "continue to provide a home for all creators" days after a planned policy change drew mass panic from sex workers.
"It was selfish to rummage through my parents’ things."