Happily Ever After? Dina Goldstein's 'In The Dollhouse' Shows An Alternative Ending For Barbie And Ken

Dina Goldstein

While playing with Barbie and Ken as young girls, we imagined happily-ever-after wedded bliss - a relationship based on honesty and trust... and a shared love of all things pink.

But that was then. Jaded by the realities of adult life, we no longer buy into fairytale endings. (Bah humbug!)

So imagine our delight when we saw conceptual artist Dina Goldstein's narrative 'In The Dollhouse' - a series that peeks into the home and marriage of the world's most iconic dolls, Barbie and Ken.

Much like her 2009 series Fallen Princesses, which shows Rapunzel after chemotherapy and Pocahontas as a crazy cat lady, this work offers an insight into the human condition - highlighting the mundane and everyday in an unusual setting.

Dina Goldstein's 'In the Dollhouse'

Dina Goldstein's 'In the Dollhouse'