Worm 'Found In Iceland Chicken Tikka Slice' (PICTURE)

In an occasional series of foreign bodies appearing randomly in foods, we bring you news of a "sickened" customer who claims to have found a worm in a chicken tikka slice bought from frozen food giant Iceland.

Unfortunately for Kathy Thompson, she had already started tucking in when she made the discovery.

The grandmother, from Barnstaple, Devon, claims she spent the following night being violently sick as she imagined having eaten the worm.

Kathy Thompson claims to have found a worm in her Iceland chicken tikka slice

She said: "I was chewing when I spotted this worm on my plate and I just spat out my food everywhere.

"I had cut the slices up and was sharing them with my young grandchildren and immediately snatched them away. It was just disgusting."

She added: "I spent the night retching and it was like I could feel it crawling in my stomach whenever I thought about it."

An Iceland spokesman said they were urgently investigating the incident.

He said: "We can confirm that Ms Thompson has been in touch with our customer care department regarding the foreign body found in her chicken lattice.

"Ms Thompson is returning the item to the store and the foreign body will be collected by our supplier in order for them to carry out a thorough investigation.

"As soon as we have the results of the investigation we will get back in touch with Ms Thompson."

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