Beyonce Wears Designer Balaclava As She Leaves Studio In LA (PIC)

If anyone can make a balaclava look faaabulous then Beyonce can. Well, as long it's a designer balaclava, natch.

Bey was spotted leaving a studio in LA wearing the Louis Vuitton headgear, which I can only assume cost more than my entire winter wardrobe.

From the last five years.


Well I say spotted, it could have been anyone underneath that thing, except Bey was also dressed in a rather eye-catching monochrome ensemble that screamed 'there's a famous person underneath this lot' a whole lot louder than 'nothing to see here, I'm just popping down Tesco to do the weekly shop'.

Still, it makes a change from all the pants-free, side thigh-flashing outfits that seem to be all the rage in celebland at the mo.



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