Prince Charles' Birthday: Heir Turns 65, Camilla Gives Him China


Prince Charles finally qualifies for a free bus pass today, as his wife reveals he's being given some 'china' to mark his 65th birthday.

Camilla admitted the Prince of Wales was "the most difficult person in the world to buy a present for".

In an interview ahead of her husband's big day, the Duchess of Cornwall said: "Well, he collects a lot of things and it is something special - china - that I have found. It's what he really likes. And I know he will be happy with that."

She would not reveal any more details about the gift she will give him later.

But she did describe him as a typical "hopeless" man when it came to buying presents for him.

The Duchess painted a picture of her husband as a hard-working man who loves celebrating his birthdays but is "not one for chilling".

Camilla, who is 66, joked that the two of them were now officially senior citizens: "Luckily he has caught up with me now. We are both pensioners and he can join in with me collecting the bus pass."

Charles was in New Zealand on a Diamond Jubilee tour on behalf of the Queen when he celebrated his last birthday, and received not one but 64 cakes at a reception at Government House in Wellington.

Camilla said her husband likes marking the big day: "He does quite like celebrating. He quite likes birthdays.

"He said it was really nice in New Zealand last year when everyone gave him a bit of a party. He likes people giving him a cake, a bit of a sing-song."

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