Ladies And Gents, We Give You: The Twinsie (AKA Best Christmas Present EVER?)


When we nonchalantly tweeted out the arrival of The Twinsie, we thought we might get a shrug of the shoulders, or perhaps a furrowed brow.

What we didn't expect was for the Twittersphere to go all-out crazy.

"Can we get this?" you cried, "YES!! this would fulfill my dream of finally being permanently attached to my husband!," another declared.

One desperate student even tweeted their university union asking: "When will you start stocking them?"

To which Surrey Students Union promptly replied (with an Alan Rickman gif, naturally): "How about... NO."

And so, dear readers, here is The Twinsie. Whether you snuggle up in it with your housemate, use it to keep your boyfriend/girlfriend close at bay, or you just have two heads, four arms and three legs, we're pretty sure The Twinsie will soon become a much-loved household brand, and you never know, you may even save money on heating.


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