Jeff Brazier Writes An Open Letter To His Son, Bobby, As He Struggles To Come To Terms With The Loss Of His Mum, Jade Goody

Jeff Brazier has written an open letter, via an exclusive blog on The Huffington Post, to his son, Bobby as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his mum, Jade Goody.

In the blog, simply titled, 'Dear Bobby', the TV presenter opens up to his ten-year-old son after spending a difficult 48 hours with him, which saw Bobby argue with his dad and younger brother Freddy, skip out of doing his homework and ask his nan, Jade's mum Jacquie, if he could live with her.

Writing about taking the unusual step of penning an open letter to his son, Jeff says he found it therapeutic to recount the situation and to 'aim it at the centre of the storm itself' in the hope that one day Bobby will read it and understand how challenging it is to be a parent at times.

Jeff Brazier

He concludes the blog by dedicating it to Martin Hall, who recently lost his wife, Jayne, to cancer.

Jeff wrote: "I write this for Martin and any other Dads in the same situation in the hope that you gain strength from the knowledge you aren't on your own and that advice and support is there, you just need to ask."