jeff brazier

The 17-year-old made his catwalk debut for Dolce And Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week in 2020.
The 17-year-old said he hopes his late mum is "looking down on me and smiling".
The 16-year-old walked the runway at Milan Fashion Week on Saturday.
The three-part Channel 4 series about the late Big Brother star concluded earlier this week.
Jack has claimed that the late Jade Goody's final wishes have not been honoured.
Safety in life is overrated. You can have far too much. Have you wrapped yourself in cotton wool so that nothing 'bad' can possibly happen to you? Does that block some of the good stuff getting to you as well? Safety is the absence of danger or risk. Security however is the ability to take a risk in the knowledge that your base level of safety is always there to return to.
Jeff Brazier has praised his son Fred for making “the highest gesture he could offer” to a friend, who hadn’t invited him