14/01/2019 16:51 GMT | Updated 15/01/2019 09:09 GMT

Jeff Brazier Is Consulting Lawyers Over Jack Tweed's Latest Claims About Jade Goody's Sons

Jack has claimed that the late Jade Goody's final wishes have not been honoured.

Jeff Brazier has said he’s seeking legal advice, following comments made by Jack Tweed about his sons.

On Monday, The Sun published an interview with Jack – the widower of Jade Goody, with whom Jeff has two sons – in which he claimed that her final wishes were that he should raise her children.

He also suggested that Jade’s other final wish, that money raised in the lead-up to her death should contribute to her sons’ private schooling, has not been granted, due to debts, which built up because the reality star hadn’t paid income tax in the years leading up to her death.

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Jack and Jade at an event in 2008

By way of response, a spokesperson for Jeff told The Mirror: “Jeff is currently consulting his lawyers about the Jack Tweed interview.”

His representative had no further comment when contacted by HuffPost UK. We have also contacted a representative for Jack Tweed, and are awaiting a response.

Jeff and Jade were in a relationship for two years, during which time they welcomed sons Bobby and Freddy.

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Jeff Brazier

Two years after their split, in 2006, Jade embarked on a relationship with Jack Tweed, with whom she entered the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house with a year later.

After Jade was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she and Jack tied the knot in February 2009, and he lived with her and her sons until her death three months later.

Last year, Jeff and his new wife Kate Dwyer got married in Portugal, in a private ceremony attended by his two sons.

He told Hello! magazine at the time: “Before it was just three boys rattling around in a house on our own, trying to get through life. Then Kate came along and worked so hard at making us complete.

“She hasn’t just completed one person, she’s completed a family and given three boys a real sense of belonging.”