Jeff Brazier Praises Son For Giving Friend 'Beautiful' Gift Of Jade Goody's Perfume

Fred wasn't invited to the girl's birthday party. 💔

Jeff Brazier has praised his son Fred for making “the highest gesture he could offer” to a friend, who hadn’t invited him to her birthday party.

The 13-year-old had got his schoolfriend a bottle of his late mum Jade Goody’s perfume, only to find out he wouldn’t be getting an invitation to her do.

But rather than focus on the knock back, Brazier decided to use this moment to share his pride in his son’s ability to “share his mum” in such a generous way.

“I’m grateful that you bought such a beautiful, thoughtful, sharing present for somebody today,” he said in a video posted on Instagram.

“It showed a lot of character from you, wow. Wow.”

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Many people on Twitter expressed their heartbreak for Fred, but Brazier explained that he was not looking for sympathy for his son, who had not been invited purely because the girl could only have a certain number of friends at her party.

Fred is Brazier’s youngest son from his former relationship with Goody. He is also father to 14-year-old Bobby, and he has recently spoken about his plans to have more children with his fiancé Kate Dwyer.

“We’ve discussed it, it’s going to happen. I think we’re working our way to it,” he told Mirror Online.

“What’s going to be exciting to me is seeing the kids as older brothers, they’ll be incredible. And it’ll teach them about other responsibilities for them.”