9 Reasons You Don't Need To Spend £218 On Your Child's Birthday Party

They don't care.

The days of pass-the-parcel followed by a bowl of jelly and ice cream seem to be long gone, as a new study has revealed parents spend an average of £218 on their child’s birthday party every year.

In fact, 52% of the 2,000 parents surveyed by Nationwide admitted blowing a lot more than they had budgeted on the bash.

But you really don’t need to break the bank to impress your child and here’s why:

1. Your child won’t notice how much you spend.

2. It’s only other parents who might care.

3. And even then, they’re just jealous - wishing they hadn’t spent so much on their child.

4. The children will be satisfied with cake and a cardboard box to play in.

5. And Pinterest has cheap DIY options anyway.

6. Party bags are a waste of money and get thrown in the bin as soon as they get home.

7. Besides, we all survived a childhood of cheap birthday parties without being traumatised.

8. And who wants their party to be the same as everyone else?

9. It will all be over in a couple of hours, so it just isn’t worth the stress.