Colin Farrell Stalker Arrested After Turning Up At His LA Home (VIDEO)

Colin's Stalker Scare

Colin Farrell got a scare this weekend when a crazed fan turned up at his LA home.

The unexpected, and unwanted, visitor left the Irish actor 'freaked out', after he found them on his doorstep, reports TMZ.

Colin - who was at home with his family at the time - had the man arrested, and he has since been placed on psychiatric hold following police questioning.

WATCH the video above for more...

Colin Farrell

It isn't the first time Colin has been the target of a stalker. Back in 2006 he took a restraining order out against a telephone sex worker who interrupted a taping of 'The Tonight Show' in an effort to speak to him.

Dessarae Bradford later tried to sue Colin for harassment, but was unsuccessful.

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