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The Irish actor looked unrecognisable during filming of scenes for the film in Liverpool.
This week in entertainment, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is finally released and we look at the rest of 2020’s cinema releases. After a glimpse of Colin Farrell’s Penguin in The Batman teaser trailer, we look at other insane celebrity transformations for a role, plus our streaming recommendations for the week.
The Irish actor will play The Penguin opposite Robert Pattinson's new version of the Dark Knight.
Tim Burton’s live-action remake of Disney’s 1941 animated classic, “Dumbo”, has premiered in Los Angeles. The circus-themed event attracted all ages, including Angelina Jolie and some of her children. Starring Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton, the film centres on a flying baby elephant finding his place in the world of a 1920 circus.
The actor's eldest son was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome at age two.
Colin Farrell understands the unique challenges of having a child with special needs. At the age of two, his now 14-year
It's not surprising that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them grossed over $10 billion at the box office. Director Yates has successfully created a film that is almost as addictive as Harry Potter and will satisfy fans of the original franchise.
Every day I see my son create bonds with people on the street, I see people's faces light up, just by his smile. Although his smile belies a troubled heart. It's so easy to believe that everything's okay.
If that's your cup of tea, then great - go ahead and watch it, be my guest (and all that jazz) - but I know many won't like it. It may come across as more-drama-less-action which may alienate some viewers, especially for the way the film is shot. Although remember: this isn't a bad thing.