England Vs Germany Quiz

Know Your Beckhams From Your Beckenbauers? England Vs Germany Quiz

It's hardly a rivalry when you consider England boast one World Cup from 47 years ago and Germany have three of their own (and three European Championships), but theirs is a fixture of historical significance and tomorrow marks the first friendly between the nations in five years.

Just in case you had erased it from your memory, England have faced Germany once since their Berlin triumph - exactly five years ago on Tuesday - that 4-1 World Cup battering in Bloemfontein, back when Fabio Capello played 4-4-2.

So it's heartening to know Roy Hodgson is (occasionally) still of that persuasion as the Three Lions entertain the second best international team, according to Fifa's rankings.

And ahead of the main event, you can test your knowledge on England and Germany through the decades...

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