20/11/2013 06:32 GMT

Comet ISON Photos Show Detail Of Tail But Fails To Dazzle So Far

Comet ISON seems to be holding back from providing the galactic spectacular it has been billed as but its still providing some amazing photo opportunities.

Hope of a dazzling spectacle now rest on it surviving its encounter with the Sun around the 28 of November.

If it makes it it through it should provide plenty to look at as catapults away.

A recent photo taken by astrophotographer Damian Peach on 15 November picked out detail in ISON's tail.

Various separate streams could be discerned leading some to speculate it is already breaking up.

Peach also took this photo of Comet Lovejoy , reminding us all there is more than just ISON up there...

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