McDonalds Apologises After Playing Rucka Rucka Ali's Prison Rape Rap 'Only 17'

General view of McDonald's logo.
General view of McDonald's logo.
Rui Vieira/PA Archive

A Welsh branch of McDonalds has been forced to apologise for playing a rap song about prison rape and underage sex while a toddler and grandfather ate their breakfast.

Steve Davidson and 20-month-old grandson, Charlie, tried to enjoy their food but were put off by the incredibly explicit lyrics of Rucka Rucka Ali's track, 'Only 17'.

Choice lines - of the few that can be reproduced - from the song - which parodies Nelly's, 'Just A Dream' - include:

"She was licking my nuts, eating my skeet, now I'm locked up beating my meat, open my eyes yeah, she was only 17"


... actually that's about all we dare print. If you must know, the song can be found on YouTube here.

McDonalds blamed the incident on a worker accidentally leaving their personal MP3 player connected to the restaurant's sound system.

Mr Davidson told the Lanelli Star: "I've never heard anything so obscene and vile. The bottom line is that it’s bordering on pornography.

"It certainly shouldn’t be playing in a restaurant where they sell Happy Meals to children.

"The lyrics are disgusting, they are very explicit - not just a bit risqué, or a bit of swearing.

"It’s not what you want while you’re having your breakfast.

"You have to be over 18 to download it, so for them to be playing it somewhere that attracts children is obviously a concern."

The incident happened at the Haverfordwest branch of the popular burger chain in West Wales.

A McDonalds spokesman said: McDonald’s spokesman said management had spoken to the offending employee - and reminded all staff about company music policies.

He said: "McDonald’s is a family-friendly restaurant.

"The content of the lyrics were wholly inappropriate and had no place in McDonald's.

"We endeavour to provide a restaurant environment that is welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable for everybody."