Woman Bungee Jumps Without Harness In Russia, Branded 'Dumb' (VIDEO)


Footage, thought to have been filmed in Russia, has emerged of a woman taking part in a tandem bungee jump – leaping from a bridge without a harness.

Badass Russians often make their way onto the Huffington Post UK pages – like the 80-Year-Old man who fought a bear, got thrown off a cliff and lived to tell the tale – but this is on a different level.

The video shows a man climb over the railings of an eye-wateringly high bridge and then wait while the woman joins him.


She then straddles the man and wraps her arms around his neck as though in an embrace.

With no visible safety equipment in sight, the pair then leap off the bridge, plunging hundreds of metres towards a river below.

Many have questioned whether the video, originally uploaded on YouTube, is genuine, however, based on the lack of screams.

Incredulous viewers have revealed their disapproval of the video, with one commenting: "One of the dumbest things I've seen in a while."

Somebody else wrote: "The only thing she proved was her stupidity", while another said: "Ah...Love at first near-death experience. How romantic."

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