Doria Tillier Strips Naked After France Reach World Cup (VIDEO)

Canal + weather presenter Doria Tillier made good on her word to strip naked after France reached the World Cup.

Le Grand Journal host Tillier promised to strip if Les Bleus made it to Brazil following their 2-0 defeat to Ukraine in the first leg of their playoff qualifier.

However, France became the first European side to overturn a two-goal deficit when they beat their opponents 3-0 at the Stade de France on Tuesday night.

Tillier stark naked in Poil

Tillier aptly roamed around Poil, which translates as "stark naked", although her admirers may be disappointed at the camera distance.

When Karim Benzema levelled the tie on Tuesday, Tillier vented her spleen on Twitter.

Tillier was "stressed" when France levelled the tie

"F**k. France 2-0 Ukraine. I start to get stressed," the former model tweeted.