21/11/2013 11:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

For The Couple Who Like To Cuddle This Christmas...Get A Twinsie!

If you can't bear to be apart from your beloved this Christmas, then smother them with love – with a Twinsie.

Yes, following the phenomenon of the Onesie, couples who like to cuddle up while saving on fuel bills can share their body heat in a super-cosy all-over body bag built for two.

'The Twinsie' has three legs, four arms, two hoods and costs £50. The beast-with-two-backs garment is available in light grey, navy blue and aubergine.

Colin Leggatt, marketing director of The Original Factory Shop which created The Twinsie said: "It offers a practical but fun solution for those wanting to stay warm this winter without running up costly energy bills.

"And what a fantastic Christmas present for the person in your life, or even the person you'd like to get closest to!"

However, there might be one drawback, as one wit offered on a message board: "What happens when one of you wants to pee?"