PICTURES: Marge Simpson Channels Some Of The World's Most Iconic Dresses, Thanks To Cartoonist AleXsandro Palombo

PICTURES: Marge Simpson Wears It Well

AleXsandro Palombo - designer of colourful fashion cartoons - has found his new muse in Marge Simpson, who's squeezed her yellow curves into some of the world's most iconic fashion statements.

One of the recipients of Marge's imitation skills, Victoria Beckham, has already tweeted her appreciation for being included in this eclectic list.

Palombo told Vogue UK:

"There is a Marge Simpson is every women and with this tribute I wanted to ignite the magic that is in every women; the strength, femininity, elegance, eroticism and beauty.

I made a strict and careful selection of what, in my opinion, has really influenced the style of the last 100 years. Each of these dresses really changed the course of the history of costume, giving a new aesthetic vision that has anticipated major changes in our society.

"We may not consider these clothes as art, but the aesthetic vision that they emanate has played an important role in giving strength to the path of emancipation of women since 1900. In many cases it's the dress that has transformed a woman into an icon, but in many others, it's the personality of the women that has enlightened the dress."

And you can't get much more personality than this.


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