The Simpsons

It seems the classic show may well have "predicted the future" once again.
Twitter users have pointed out Hancock's video looks very familiar.
The presenters failed to pick up on the prank. Twitter did not.
Benedict Cumberbatch voiced a character named Quilloughby in the latest episode of the animated sitcom.
The cartoon oracle strikes again, thanks to Lisa Simpson.
Featuring festive classics starring Mickey Mouse, The Muppets and The Simpsons – plus brand new originals.
Strictly fans don't know how to feel about The Wanted singer's Movie Week performance.
The Simpson’s star says she feels “disrespected” for being compared to the Democratic vice presidential candidate.
Thank goodness The Simpsons didn't diddly-do this.
Here's a rundown of the best – and worst – famous houses to spend lockdown in.
Here's our guide to which episodes to hit up first as the show makes its UK streaming debut on Disney+.
Three-eyed fish, baby translators and even Nobel Prize wins appeared in the animated sitcom before the real world.
Bill Oakley is unimpressed with fans' posts about the fictional "Osaka flu".
Last week we were devastated when it was reported The Simpsons may not be coming to the streaming service.
This week in the world of entertainment, the cast of Friends confirm they are officially reuniting for a one-time HBO special, Love Is Blind is the ridiculous concept dating show to jump on now Love Island is over, Pixar’s Onward will feature their first LGBT+ character and Disney Plus is coming the UK… with some important things missing.
We'd been so looking forward to diving back into our favourite episodes of the classic sitcom.
Worth the price for The Simpsons and Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian alone, surely?
The character has proved to be controversial in recent years, largely thanks to the documentary The Problem With Apu.
The Simpsons is celebrating its 30th anniversary. After debuting in December 1989, the show has become the longest-running American sitcom and scripted TV series with more than 650 episodes and airing in more than 70 countries around the world. However, for the last two decades, the show has seen decline in critical acclaim – so why is it still on the air? Here are five reasons.