22/11/2013 06:30 GMT | Updated 22/11/2013 06:45 GMT

Who Is It? Tessa Jowell Or Harriet Harman?

They are two of the most influential politicians of a generation; pillars of the Labour movement and beacons of hope in the quest for equality in British society. The thing is... Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell look EXACTLY the same.

We've been scratching our Huffington Post heads for a while now trying to tell them apart. So if, like us, you struggle, then have a crack at telling them apart below. The answers are at the bottom of the page.*

Photo gallery Jowell or Harman? See Gallery

*There's a genuine risk we might have actually got some of these wrong ourselves:

  1. Harman
  2. Jowell
  3. Jowell
  4. Harman
  5. Jowell
  6. Jowell
  7. Harman
  8. Harman
  9. Harman
  10. Jowell
  11. Jowell
  12. Harman
  13. Harman
  14. Harman at the back, Jowell at the front