Pregnant Woman, Heather Thorpe, Hits Baby Bump With Hammer (VIDEO)

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Be warned, this video may just make you give up on humanity.

This is the WTF-inducing moment a heavily pregnant mum-to-be boasts how ‘hard’ her unborn child is – and bashes her baby bump with a hammer.

Heather Thorpe, 24, was filmed hitting her protruding stomach with the heavy clawed tool just weeks before she gave birth to son Jonathon.

This week Heather claimed blonde Jonathan - who is now one-year-old - was a "super kid" because of his amazing birth which involved a labour of just five minutes.

She says since then he has been quick at everything - walking talking and reading before other tots his age.

She posed for her local paper wearing Superman get ups with her little boy – who turned one on Friday.

But her former partner Sean Hanlon revealed the disturbing footage showing Heather banging her bump just weeks before her delivery date in her kitchen in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham

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