Which Country Do Brits Think Have The Dirtiest Public Toilets?

Alan Spencer via Getty Images

Sorry France, we may share a (mostly unrequited) long love affair as you continue to be the most popular place for us Brits to visit, eat your baguettes and quaff your wine, but it appears we're about to stab you in the back.

An extensive survey that ranged from 5,000 to 25,000 people, has revealed that we think the French have the dirtiest public toilets. Turkey has the second worst and Greece came third place, but there is quite a disparity in the number of people who voted for France (48%) compared to 19% for Turkey.

In the European vote, France still came top for having the worst toilets, but rather than Greece coming third, that accolade instead went to Poland.

In contrast, places that you can safely perch your bottom are Belgium, which was voted cleanest bogs, and Portugal which was voted second cleanest.

As for what makes a bad toilet experience, 34% said that smell was the deciding factor but 27% said missing toilet paper as a big no-no.

Take a look at the rest of the survey as depicted in an infographic, pulled together by

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