The Labour leader responds to Boris Johnson’s remarks on expanded vaccines roll-out amid Omicron surge.
It's not just Greta Thunberg who is making moves as a young climate activist, these names are fighting for a better planet too.
British Afghans feel like the global community is not doing enough to stand up for people in Afghanistan fleeing for freedom.
A child is among five Britons diagnosed with coronavirus while staying at a ski resort in France.
The archbishop has expressed regrets and apologies for a massacre by British colonial forces upon hundreds of Indians participating in a demonstration for independence 100 years ago. He also prostrated in prayer at the memorial for the victims.
It was dapper suits, vintage frocks and cucumber sandwiches all round at the Chap Olympiad in Sussex, a contest with a very British twist. The annual event is a celebration of British eccentricities, where contestants could take part in umbrella jousting, have a go at moustache tug-of-war, or even try their hand at pouring tea while riding a bicycle.
Over 200 competitive conker players descended on the village of Southwick in England’s east Midlands in a fight to be world champions. While playing conkers is a quintessentially British pastime, players come from all over the world to test their skills in smashing horse chestnuts.
"We were called by the name that was used by the British, we are now taking back what belongs to us."
With UK talent being quickly signed to WWE contracts, ITV's World Of Sport plans have now been indefinitely postponed. And with their toes firmly out of the water, WWE seem to have claimed the audience.
Across the globe today, national borders typically reflect ethnic, linguistic, and sometimes religious divisions. Take Europe